Hispanic Ministries created the Northwest Theological Institute in 1994 as
an answer to the enormous need to develop and equip a new generation of Christian Hispanic leaders and to promote the advancement and skills of current Hispanic Christian leaders, empowered with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Seventy-five percent of U.S. Hispanics are first-generation immigrants with
Spanish as their first language. Therefore, all of the course material and classes are presented in Spanish. We currently offer the following programs, each designed for different levels of students. The courses are self-paced to provide maximum flexibility although we recommend a steadfast completion.


  • Level 1: Certificate in Bible Studies – This program is designed as an entry level course for
    new Christians who want an in-depth study of the Bible. Prerequisites: None.
  • Level 2: Diploma in Christian Leadership – This program is designed for students who currently serve in the leadership of their church, for new students who aspire to lead a specific ministry in their church, or for students who aspire to assist the pastor of their church. 
    Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1.
  • Level 3: Diploma in Pastoral Ministry– This program is designed for students who currently serve in the leadership of their church and new leaders. The course reinforces materials covered in levels 1 and 2. Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 and 2.


NW Theological Institute

Facts about the NW Theological Institute

Here are some facts about the NWTheological Institute:

  • We are a non-denominational institute, dedicated
    to the development and edification of new Christian leaders and the advancement of current Hispanic leaders.
  • Since 1994, we have celebrated 12 graduations and more than 400 Hispanic leaders have completed at least one of the three programs we offer.
  • More than 50% are currently serving in different ministries, serving as leaders in their communities.
  • We are currently working directly with local Hispanic leaders in more than eleven (11) cities and are promoting the work in hundreds of Hispanic churches.

Church Planting

Sometimes the best way to teach is by example. And many times we’ve taken the lead to help a local community in starting a new church from the ground up (church planting). During the last 15 years we have established new churches in Hood River, OR, Portland, OR, Centralia, WA, and Vancouver, WA. These churches are now initiating new missions and ministries in their respective communities.

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US Digital Outreach

We are extremely excited to announce our new offices at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver, Washington.  Thank you US Digital Outreach Board of Directors and staff for this wonderful opportunity!

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